30th Anniversary Exhibition
Flinders Lane Gallery
To December 21
Level 1, Nicholas Building
Swanston Street

FLG has been exhibiting contemporary and Indigenous artworks for 30 years, supporting a diverse range of practices by some of Australia's leading artists.

Cemented within Melbourne's vibrant art scene, this year has been a particularly important one - with the gallery relocating from its original site and onto level one of the Nicholas Building, a thriving creative precinct on the corner of Flinders Lane and Swanston Street.

To celebrate this anniversary milestone, we have invited our represented artists to create an artwork that is 30 x 30 - either cms or inches. Each artwork is indicative of the artist's practice and inspired by Melbourne, showcasing the varied yet strong creative talents of the artists of FLG. 

Puff, 2019, oil on paper, 32 x 31 x 14 cm.

Artist statement:

'In late January a blackbird flew into my garden to forage as they occasionally do. The species was introduced to Australia in the 1850s. Nevertheless I enjoy their gentleness. The appearance of this particular bird however has stayed with me as it had one white tail feather. Was it a genetic mutation? An environmental consequence of being in a foreign land? Its lack of symmetry as is usual in bird tail feathers lead me to consider the boundary or ‘threshold’ of decoration and composition. What is the minimal point where compositional dialogue commences? It led a series of ‘paper paintings’ called the Blackbird Series. ‘Puff’ is part of this series and its shape relates to native fungus growing near the Yarra River.'

Installation photo, Flinders Lane Gallery

Opening speeches at Flinders Lane Gallery