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Terri Brooks and Tracey Lamb

Opening August 14 at 1 pm
Cross Gallery
Bundaberg QLD

Thirteen paper works exhibited for the first time including:

White Square, 2018, oil on paper, 30 x 30 cm. Sold prior to opening.

White Diagonal, 2019, oil on paper, 28 x 22 x 10 cm.

Hessian Stripes, 2020, oil on paper, 35 x 30 x 10 cm.

Brown White Black, 2020, oil on paper, 35 x 30 x 10 cm x 2 (Diptych)

Red Line Square Box, 2020, oil on canvas, 24 x 22 x 17 cm.

Installation view

Industrial Panorama

Curated by Clinton Cross
Gatakers Artspace Maryborough, Qld.
Opening November 29
To 5th January 2020.

White Bands, 2018, oil on card, 25 x 15 cm.

Grey Stripes, 2018, oil on card, 30 x 12 cm.

Nicolo Baraggioli
Terri Brooks
Marlene Sarroff
Diane Scott
Jo Katsiaris
Karee Dahl
Rose Moxham
David. T. Milller
Michael Cusack
Christine Myerscough
Clinton Cross
Beverly Rautenberg
Stuart Fineman
Roland Orepuk
Fabian Freese
Frank van Ansem
Lorna Crane
Ulla Pedersen
Deb Covell
Jo Williams
Louise Tuckwell
Evelyn Snoek
Glenn Locklee

Installation shots:

Earth / Bound

A Cross gallery presentation Gladstone.
15th October - 15th November
Crow Street Creative / Photopia.
Opening 9th November

Diane Scott ( New Zealand )
Beverly Rautenberg ( Chicago USA )
Terri Brooks ( Melbourne)
Lorna Crane ( NSW )
Michael Cusack ( Byron Bay)
Steffen Schiemann (Germany)
Anthony Cahill ( Sydney )
Deb Covell ( UK )
Marlene Sarroff ( Sydney)
Rhonda Baum ( Melbourne )
and many more.

Installation view

Land / Line / Sea

Artlacuna Battersea London
22nd November -30th November
Opening drinks 25th November 3pm All welcome.

An Exhibition of Selected Australian/ New Zealand/United Kingdom Contemporary Artists.
Curated by Clinton Cross (Cross Gallery QLD).
Artists included:

Kim Demuth ( Australia/Germany)
Terri Brooks (Australia)
Henri van Noordenburg ( Australia)
Deb Covell (United kingdom)
Louise Tuckwell (Australia)
Yvonne Boag (Australia/ South Korea)
Rhonda Baum (Australia)
Marlene Sarroff (Australia)
Jennifer McDuff (Australia)
Anthony Cahill (Australia)
Lorna Crane (Australia)
Phill Hopkins (United kingdom)
Clinton Cross (Australia)
Richard Elliott (United kingdom)
Rob McLeod (New Zealand)
Angela Brennan (Australia)
Eryn Mark Begley (Australia)
Jenny Gilbertson (Australia)
Diane Scott ( New Zealand)

Terri Brooks, Diamonds, 2017, oil on paper, A4 x 16.

Terri Brooks, Stripes, 2017, oil on paper, A4 x 8. Sold. Private collection.

Install shot Land / Line / Sea, L: Yvonne Boag 

Install shot L: Terri Brooks; R: Marlene Sarroff

London opening

Meanwhile in Marybrough QLD at Gatakers Art Space
 'A secret place' curated by Clinton Cross.